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Posted by Workshop Graphics - Photo Courtesy of Laurans Images on 14th Mar 2018


While a handful of motocrossers can cross swap codes and dominate on any given Sunday (or, ya know, Saturday) on the off-road scene, Brad Groombridge has proven time and time again that he's always a force to be reckoned with on the tracks and trails. That's across the board, in all the dirt-based codes, too. He's not the only weapon racing two classes in the motocross scene, but he is the only one to be racing two classes in the NZ MX Nationals, while defending a New Zealand Cross Country Championship. Now, due to forces out of his control, the next rounds of each championship will be held on consecutive days of the same weekend.

For the summer season of racing, "Groomy" decided he would double class every moto event, riding his Kea Suzuki Racing RM-Z450L8 in MX1, and his RM-Z250L8 in MX2. That's only helped his race craft, with Groomy getting the jump on many of his peers in MX2. How does he do it? That's simple: Brad's a champion. He puts his head down, his eyes up, and he battles through to the chequers.

For "Groomy", this coming weekend is going to have the added element of having to double class in the third round of the NZ MX Nationals in Hastings on the Saturday, followed by racing the second round of the New Zealand Cross Country Championships in Ormondville on the Sunday, making for a whole lot of racing.

This month, Brad took the win in the overall and Ironman class at the Scott 6 Hour, so a whole lot of racing in one weekend isn't anything new for the Workshop Graphics-supported rider. But, as any racer knows, it's not just the time in the saddle that matters. It's the preparation, logistics and that overall race craft that factors into racing either discipline or series. While most bikes will be getting washed and torn down on the Sunday, Brad's RM-Z450L8 will be on the line for the next stop of the NZ Cross Country Champs.

Why? That due to Round 3 of the NZ MX Nationals being cancelled. Scratch that: the round wasn't cancelled. It was postponed. Those are two completely different things. Yes, the moto needed to happen, but having two separate championships held on the same weekend is – according to the Motorcycling New Zealand rulebook – verboten. This turn of events will without a doubt put added pressure on Brad, his team, not to mention his championship hopes.

With the event pushed back by six days, Groombridge has his hands full. But he'll also have a handful of throttle, putting in the full hundred, to no doubt come out at the pointy end in each class across the board.

Instead of "Groomy", it might be time to start calling Brad by a new nickname, like "Iron Man".