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Cody's weekly wind down - round 5

Posted by Workshop Graphics on 26th Jun 2018

Cody's weekly wind down - round 5

We chatted to Coops following his race at Muddy Creek Tennessee - here’s what he had to say…

How was the journey after High Point down to Muddy Creek and the prep leading into the race?

The driving isn't too bad as the roads are straight and it's pretty cruisey in the motor home. We can pull over to sleep whenever we feel like it. Didn't get a lot of ride time this week; the tracks didn’t get any rain so were a little dry and dusty but we spent a fair amount of time dialing in our starts.

You’re currently sitting in the top 10 and we believe top privateer, what’s your goal for the end of the season at this stage?

My goal was to move into 9th place and try to get to 8th place. But I had a crap first moto - I just couldn’t adjust to the track and took too long to learn it.

We saw that photo you posted on Facebook after the High Point race – you look wasted. How are you finding the pace of racing and the heat?

Yeah i get a little effected by the heat and the pace is unbelievable by Tomac and Marvin. But I feel like I've still got more in me - I just need to get a more comfy.


Here’s the highlight videos from his two races:


Racing schedule

Southwick - June 30

Redbud - July 07

Spring Creek - July 21

Washougal - July 28

Unadilla - August 11

Budds Creek - August 18

Ironman - August 25

Click here to view the full schedule on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross website.