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Cody's weekly wind down - Round 8 - Spring Creek

Posted by Workshop Graphics on 24th Jul 2018

Cody's weekly wind down - Round 8 - Spring Creek

Spring Creek is considered the greatest-hits track of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. It’s almost as if it took the best elements of each round and blended them into one magical place. The track features hills, sand, hard-pack, high-speed stuff, tighter sections, and more. It’s the all-you-can-eat buffet of motocross. 

After a two week break it was back on at Spring Creek in the weekend. Cody placed 18th overall with a 15-24, he is now tied with Kyle Cunningham for 11th place in the overall standings. Next weekend Coops is off to Washougal where you can expect a challenging and technical track that requires a different set of skills to other tracks. It’s gonna be epic! 


Here’s the highlight videos from his two races:


Racing schedule

Washougal - July 28

Unadilla - August 11

Budds Creek - August 18

Ironman - August 25

Click here to view the full schedule on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross website