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Cody's weekly wind down - Washougal

Posted by Workshop Graphics on 31st Jul 2018

Cody's weekly wind down - Washougal

We caught up with Cody following Washougal - here's what he had to say 

1. You gotta be stoked with your performance so far. Riding well, great in the points. Are you happy? What have been the highlights so far?

Yea im happy with some of my race weekends but to be honest half the time I feel like im just riding around at 90% the last 10 min as I feel my fitness isn’t up there. Be good to get home in September to get some good bike time in before mxon.

2. Washougal is known as a pretty technical course. How did you feel you went? What was the hardest part?

Went ok in the second moto but really struggled in the first as we tryed some stuff with the shock and was terrible.

The shadows over the track make the vision hard to see most of the bumps/ruts also. Most to mention the first up hill is very painful if you get a bad start haha.

3. Only three rounds to go now. What’s the plan from here? When do you head home to NZ?

Just to try ride rough tracks as all the practice tracks have been smooth and hard to get that bike fitness up.

I will be home in nz on the 1st of September.