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Tommy's recap of MX Fest for 2018

Posted by Workshop Graphics on 23rd Oct 2018

Tommy's recap of MX Fest for 2018

MX Fest 2018 started off with a hiss and a roar for Tommy Watts. Day 1 Junior 125cc 14-16 class I wasn’t really happy on the day with my performance but wasn’t really considering how much time I had been off the bike. Arm pump played a huge factor in my results both days purely because I haven’t been racing for a long time.

MX FEST Day 1 – Junior 125cc 14-16 class

Race 1

I managed to bring home a 2nd behind Brodie Connolly who pulled a pretty good gap on me, arm pump played a pretty big factor, struggling to hold on.

Race 2

Hole shot out of the start gates, lead the race for ½ a lap. Pushing pretty hard went down and Brodie pulled another good gap. Slipped right back to 12th but managed to regain a few spots to place 7th.

Race 3

Another hole shot out of the start gates. Love those starts! Managed to maintain front running for ½ a track then pulled back the pace to let Brodie take the lead. Arm pump once again set in and I wanted to maintain my position at 2nd which I managed to hold on to.

Overall placing for the day 3rd

MX FEST Day 2 – Senior 125cc

Race 1

Hole shot out of the start gates and lead for ¼ track. Pulled back the pace to ease in to the race and stay consistent. Tucked in behind 2nd place of Josh Bourke-Palmer to maintain 3rd position

Race 2

Didn’t manage to get the holeshot but tucked in behind Brodie. Going pretty quick, put the bike down and dropped back to 12th managed to regain a few positions to place 10th

Race 3

Managed to pull off another hole shot just to finish the day on a good note. Lead for ¼ of a track, decided to pull back the pace to stay consistent and managed to place 3rd to finish.

Overall placing for the day 4th

All in all a pretty good result considering a few factors that I wasn’t considering while I was in race mode. I enjoyed being back on the bike and have got a pretty good idea where the level is to achieve what I need to. Thanks so much to all of my sponsors, couldn’t do it without your help:

  • Steven Croad & Raewynne @ Northern Accessories for supplying me with: Seven Riding Apparel , 6D Helmets, TCX Boots, Oakley Goggles, Renthal Bars, Belray Oil, Twin Air, Michelin Tyres
  • Workshop Graphics for making me look sick, Graphics, Signage, Apparel printing, Truck Wrap
  • Nitro Seats for gluing me in the saddle
  • AFC Motorcycles for the race plan
  • Norm Cobb @ Suspension Tech for hooking me up to handle the pace
  • Motomuck for bike cleaning made easier and finished product looking MINT!
  • Sam Harvey Fitness Trainer for you awesome support and hard yakka to keep me on track
  • Pakiri Logging for helping me to be able to stay in the game and aim for the top
  • Dewes Contracting for supporting my high performance sport and helping me achieve my goals
  • Andrew Isaac @ Race Day Mechanic for keeping my bike on track and helping me out big time
  • The Tyre General for funding my dream
  • Mum & Dad for putting up with me and telling me off when I need to get back on track

Words and image: Tommy Watts

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